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The Indri, a unique primate species

The Indri, a unique primate species, resides in the Eastern rainforests in small family units, typically comprising an adult pair and their offspring. These pairs are known to be monogamous, only seeking a new partner if their mate passes away. The reproductive cycle of Indris is quite slow, with females giving birth to a single infant every other year.

Indris make their presence known through a distinctive eerie song that can be heard up to 2 kilometers away. This song serves as a warning to other groups to steer clear of their territory. They are most vocal in the morning, often engaging in three or four sessions of calling before noon. It’s interesting to note that both males and females sometimes synchronize their calls, creating duets that may last for as long as three minutes.

Apart from their vocalizations, a typical day in the life of an Indri includes periods of feeding, followed by rest and sleep, before they move on to search for more food.

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