About us


CALUMMA TRAVEL is a DMC locally-based in ANTANANARIVO MADAGASCAR, fully owned by Malagasy naturalist tourguide. With our extensive knowledge of the island, we are passionate about sharing its treasures with you. Whether you dream of luxury vacation ,venturing into national parks, observing lemurs in their natural habitats, unwinding on pristine beaches, or diving into turquoise waters, we have customized itineraries that cater to your every desire, all at competitive rates.

Madagascar is a trip for everyone . we are  specialized at tailor-made trip for individuals, honeymooners, group travel, cultural tours, birdwatching and adventure expedition through though each corners of the island. We are committed to assisting our clientele from the first contact with the travel advisor, and assist with your escorted  English , Italian ,Spanish, French speaking tour guide and driver from our company.